Apple announces huge IBM partnership to bring enterprise services to iOS, new AppleCare for Enterprise

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Apple and IBM announced a new partnership today that will see the companies collaborate to bring over 100 enterprise apps & cloud services to the iPhone and iPad and launch a new AppleCare service specifically for enterprise customers. The products will be branded “IBM MobileFirst for iOS Solutions” and IBM will also soon sell iPhones and iPads to enterprise customers along with the new services:

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Top Twitter Tips to Shake the Tree

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Top Twitter Tips to Shake the Tree

“No, I’m NOT going to have a Twitter account and I’m definitely not blogging.”

I announced this loudly in September 2013.

Just a few months down the line I signed up to Twitter and I’m now an avid blogger.

So much for that!

What Changed my Mind?

Twitter is fast-moving.

Responses are almost immediate.

Results are fast.

To start with I was just dipping my toe in the Twitter ‘pool’ to see if it was okay to jump in.

I was amazed with the results.

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Social Media Marketing in Jamaica

Social media marketing (SMM) in Jamaica is a fairy new concept even though internationally, it is quite an established industry. Here, business owners are used to the conventional offline methods of marketing their products/services and as such, business owners are sceptical of the practical applications of SMM. They see SMM as unimportant and useless for their business. Most SMM managers will find this appalling. An opportunity to increase ones marketability should be at the top of any business owner’s agenda. It is quite astonishing how individuals blatantly ignore such ‘game changing’ opportunities out of ignorance.

Our society is clinging to an age of analogue thinking and complacency. The world is evolving so rapidly while we sit back and watch from the sidelines. The few companies engaging in SMM are seeing tremendous results and as a result are enlisting more digital media agencies, like Varia, to manage their online image and engage with their audience.

It is crucial that Jamaican business owners take heed to the ever growing social media and how it can positively affect their marketability. It’s not a scheme or plot to scam money but a viable opportunity to grow clientèle, build relationships and nurture existing ones.


The Power Of Thinking Small

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Focus intensely on your target audienceYour opportunity lies in finding a neglected worldview, framing your story in a way that this audience will focus on it & go from there. Just think about how the biggest brand became so large. Nike for example: They make clothing for ATHLETES, but because of how they tell communicate each story, people all over the world wants to be apart of it. Nike doesn’t target your normal everyday people, they target ATHLETES, but create stories with morals that everyday people could relate to. DON’T target the world, focus intensely on a small audience that shares the same “worldview” as you. You have to have values & create story morals that will convince your target audience on why they should believe in you (& not your competitors). Study your audience & focus intensely on creating those stories that will get them to become emotionally attached to your brand.

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WordPress’ Terms & Conditions

We recently wrote a blog article on media marketers sp@mming their followers/fans and how it might affect their public image. However, WordPress’ automated systems categorized our post, ironically, to be a sp@m itself. Our blog was offline for about 4 days after completing a form stating they made a mistake on their end. It seems that the word “sp@m” is on some sort of blacklist that flags the users account and make no mistake, your account will be suspended due to violation of WordPress’ Terms & Conditions. This was very frustrating as bloggers would expect a bit more freedom of speech to express themselves on ‘touchy’ topics such as this.

Synopsis of previous blog post:

A sp@m basically bulk messages sent over the Internet, typically to large numbers of users, for the purposes of advertising. This might be a useful but on the other hand, people use the same method to transport m@lware. Most social media users are keen to this method of phishing and are quick report the offender. It would be detrimental to your company’s image if your followers/fans mistook your means of relaying information as sp@mming.

Bombarding your prospects is a dangerous way of relaying information. Individuals want to be updated but on their own terms. We all wish we could just ‘lay it on thick’ with prospects, give them all the informations so they can make a decision instantaneously. In a perfect world, yes, it would be ‘ok’ to go about sharing information in this manner, but perfection is an ideal we can never reach. Clients/prospects need time to process information to ensure they are making best possible choice. Put yourselves in their shoes and you will find that your reactions or process would be the same.

Be careful how you write, WordPress is watching…



Do’s & Don’ts of Social Networking

With everything there is a right and wrong, social media marketing is no exception. In fact this is one area where what you say either make or break your public image. Let’s start with the Do’s:

1. Be original; if your competitors are into one thing don’t follow like a duck in line. Be that beacon your prospects will readily gravitate to.

2. Content; share content that will inform. If you are selling eggs you should not be tweeting about music. Your content should be relevant to your target audience.

3. Know your target audience; as stated above, post what is relevant to your product/service. What is also important is to know your target market. Teenagers will not be interested in buying eggs when the are seeking music to buy.

4. Be active; going ghost for a few days to a few weeks is not a good idea. Be active, stay active, and watch your prospect base increase.

5. Add Personality; most tweets/posts are sometimes ‘machine like’. Connect with your audience in a more intimate way rather than just placing content for them to read.


1. It looks quite desperate to like your own posts, so don’t.

2. If it looks like a spam, people will think it’s a spam. Don’t bombard your audience with unnecessary information. Whether via email or social media message. Ensure that you have full consent and do not over-step your bounds.

3. Private accounts won’t do you any good. It makes it difficult for you audience to connect with you.

4. DO NOT ARGUE OVER THE SOCIAL MEDIA. This is crucial as potential clients are watching. Where possible reply to all messages/inquiries in a professional manner. If an argument arises, remain calm and handle the situation professionally.

5. Last and finally do not send emails about your products/services after just connecting with an individual. This is a big turn off as you are being rather pushy. This is seen way too often on twitter and usually results in losing a few followers.



Protect your social media from hackers


Most social media managers/company lack the required expertise and technical countermeasures to ward off an attack, and consequently, hackers have continued to relentlessly target big brands.

Here are a few tips:

1. Find all your brand’s social media accounts, including fraudulent pages;

2. Limit access to accounts from users and third-party applications;

3. Enforce strong authentication (passwords) controls for social media accounts and applications;

4. Monitor branded social media accounts for changes, unauthorized apps, admins, and content; and

5. Enforce policy, including automated account lock-down procedures.

6. Use https:// instead of http://. The encryption within https is intended to provide benefits like confidentiality, integrity and identity.